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Safety of conveying belt conveyor as a more efficient way, in the industrials production has played a very important role. It can high speed fast to the yard or other industrials site, the materials will be at the same times can save resources, and avoid the traditional mode of transportation safety and environmental protection. A cement company in Jiang xi province from the mine to the modes of transportation of the raw materials yard they chose such - this belt conveyor confidential to ensure raw material conveying of 6 5000 tons of production line. Experienced designers to 5 km of innovative design was carried out on the large Angle conveyor belt, in the realization of ore transportation at the same times also has the function of powers. The safe and stables operation of conveyor system for long distances, is very important. Designers work give full consideration to the conveyor may encounter all kinds of fault types, including emergency stop, running deviation alarm, belt longitudinal crack, belt creep and chute blockage and accidents such as belt non-return. These accidents will directly endanger personnel life safety and damage of conveyor, due to material shortage impact production, caused heavy losses. It will take some protective device to avoid risk. Designer for the worldwide capacity to provide the protection devices manufacturers, review around the device reliability, leading technology, service level and price etc. Wuhan Phisher production of rope run partial double bearing structure and laceration resistant switch has attracted the attention of designers, creative design research think the design is more safe and reliable, especially protection grade IP67, is the highest level in the fields, more suitable for the southern hot humid climate conditions, can maximum limit to provide security for this article important raw material conveyor. Eventually the projects selected products of Wuhan fisher control technology co., LTD. Wuhan Phisher for the project provides a rope switch, running deviation switch, longitudinal crack prevention and chute block switch and a series of products, and sends engineers to the scenes with standard installation and commissioning. In early 2013, then more longer and large Angle conveyor installation completed and put into operation.

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