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Along with the global climate warming, people have more and more environmental protection consciousness. Some good at operating managers in their industry, efforts to look for can reduce because of the environmental impact of production activities and can reduce the operating cost method. For steel, iron, glass, cement and other manufacturing enterprises, fully use of surplus heat energy for power generation is an extremely effective measure. However, hot air will always bring some dust. The dusts through the AQC will decrease because air temperature, wind speed and the influence of cyclone, landing in the settling chamber, most of the dust by setting at the bottom of the settling chamber of screw conveyor. But that's not all. In the screw conveyor feed opening failure and sedimentation room appear arches, will cause more and more dust accumulation in the settling chamber, aggregate more and more that exceeds the bearing of steel structure of the support, disastrous accidents can happen - settling chamber shedding down. There have been many cases of this accident. The accidents can cause serious damage to the equipment’s, direct and indirect economic losses caused by the huge, at the same times also can cause life safety personnel injury. To avoid such case, you need at the sites of the settling chamber suitable material level detection device. Because of process and boiler, the temperature of the settling chamber will in 300 ~ 300 ℃, the general material level switch is difficult to achieve such a high temperature. Wuhan fisher control technology co., LTD., according to the characteristics of waste heat power generation, design a model can be suitable for working under 500 ℃ high temperature environment of material level switch. Using this device, can maximum limit to avoid collapse collapsed accident caused by the mixtures of settling chamber.

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