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Belt Tear Detector NST

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When the belt is being tearing,rupturing,damaged at the junction or pushed out by sharp objects, the Belt Tear Detector can monitor timely and send alarm signals accurately or turn off the conveyor in order to avoid the expensive conveyor belt to happen severe longitudinal tearing accident.

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Belt Tear Detector NST                                                                                                                   
►Sensitive, quick response. The pressure could be detected in all directions.
►Safety design. After the activation, the transmitter will maintain output until reset by pressing the release button or re-start the power supply.
►Sensors are installed very close to the idler. As much as possible to eliminate the dead detecting area.
►Wire failure monitoring function. At first time detect sensor or wiring problem, ensure device working properly.
►Wire failure will activate buzzer and alarm light.
►Separate cam part, position of Alarm and Fault is adjustable according actual conditions.
►Sensor covered with additional protection, which prevents dust and conveying material from sticking. 
►Water-proof, Ozone- resistant, UV-resistant, corrosion-resistant (strong acid condition will shorten the life time) suitable for extreme weather and harsh environments and high latitudes area. 
Type NST
IP Code IP67
Working Temp. -30~85°C
Belt Width 650~1800mm
Chute Angle 30°, 35°, 45°

Type RL80A RL80B RL80C
Signals Uni-channel Four-channel Uni-channel
IP Code IP40 IP67
Operating Environment Indoor Outdoor
Housing Material ABS
Working Temp. -20~60°C
Delay Adjustable 0~9s
Power Voltage AC 220V 50-60HZ
Number of Contacts 1NC+1NO
Capacity of Contact AC 125~250V 10A; DC 30V 5A; DC 125V 0.5A
Maximum Cable Distance MAX 1km

1. Max. 4 units of detectors can be connected to one transducer. The output-selfholding type transducer continues to hold the contact output once the detector actuates, so far as it is reset with a reset button or the power is cut.
2. The connection is in series and if any breakage occurs at the connection cables and switches, the breakage will be output immediately.
Trough Angle 35°, idler Diameter 108mm, dimension of outline (For Reference)
Belt Width Model W a b c d e
650mm NST-0650-35 810 860 700 890 319 200
800mm NST-0800-35 1010 910 750 1090 324 200
1000mm NST-1000-35 1230 1130 970 1310 354 213
1200mm NST-1200-35 1460 1360 1200 1540 365 230
1400mm NST-1400-35 1660 1560 1460 1740 380 238
1600mm NST-1600-35 1860 1760 1660 1940 410 250

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