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Belt Creep Detector(z6315)

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Belt Slipping Monitor is used to indicate the belt slipping breakdown due to overloaded belt, the head wheel rubber lining abrasion and foreign matter blockage, and can detect the belt fracture accident in time.

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1. Compared to the traditional slipping detector, our product has lower cost, easy installation, direct measurement points and higher accuracy.
2. Using non-contact operation mode can prolong the service life and also exclude
3. the effects of the vibrating disturbance and the belt joggling. Slipping detector targets on any metal protrusions points, including a bolt.
     While the conveyor boots up or is running, the belt slipping breakdown may be caused by the overloaded conveyor , the serious abrasion of longtime using head wheel rubber lining, chute blocking or the excessive rainfall.
Slip fault occurrence will cause the confusion of the production order, if not found in time, it may result in greater economic loss.
Slipping monitor is mounted on the shaft end of the bend pulley (tail wheel). When the belt appears the slipping failure, bend pulley (tail wheel) will slow down, slipping monitor signals a corresponding indication lamp.
  DC·3line DC/AC·2line
Type Z6315 Z6330 Z6215 Z6230
Detection Distance 10mm
Detection Accuracy Fr的3…15%
Frequency Range 6…150 Pulse/Minute 120…3000 Pulse/Minute 6…150 Pulse/Minute 120…3000 Pulse/Minute
Cable Specification 3-core cable,2M 2-core cable,2M
IP Code IP67
Rated Voltage 12~36V DC Polarity reverse connection protection 24…240V AC or 24…220V DC
Output Status Indication LED
Power-on Delay 9s±20%+1/Fr
Switching Capacity ≤200mA,With Overload and Short Circuit Protection ~5…350mA  or ---- 5…200mA(1)
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