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Chute Block Switch CCS-1011

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The Chute Block Switch is a safety switch vital to belt conveyors. When a transport material clogs a chute, the Blocked Chute Switch stops instantly the belt conveyor installed the chute by sending out an alarm signal. The clogging of chutes may cause such trouble as piling with a transport material, damage to conveyor belt, and a fire, but Chute Switch prevents them previously. Accordingly, you can control quickly the confusion of belt conveyor lines caused by an emergency stop.

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Chute Switch CCS-1011                                                                                                             
►Simple Constraction, Assured Operation
The Chute Siwtch consists of a detecting plate of swing type and a limit switch, and is so made that it is installed on the chute wall cut out an oblong hole. The limite switch acts when the detecting plate sways outside with the transport material that clogs the chute.
►Applicable under Bad Environment
The detecting plate hung with dust-proof bearings swings smoothly even if ust adheres. To prevent trouble caused by dew condensation, a proximity switch type are also available as options.
►Adjustable Detecting Force
The detecting force is adjustable from 9.8N to 14.7N at the tip of detecting plate. Therefore, the Chute Switch is applicable to belt conveyor lines that cover a wide range from small grains to lumps.
Type CCS-1011 (Standard)
CCS-1012 (Small)
IP Code IP67 (Limit Switch)
Number of Contacts 1NO+1NC
Capacity of Contacts AC 125~250V 10A; DC 30V 5A; DC 125V 0.5A
Detecting Force 9.8N~14.7N (End of Detection Flap)
Reset Type Auto Reset
Working Temp. -20~60°C
Working Humidity ≤80%
N.W. 10kgs

1.  For safety and proper use of this device, please read the instruction manual before installation.
2. In the case of carrying materials are small size particles (density≤0.8g / cm3) or small size chute, with switch’s sensitive response,
output signal is not stable.
3. Materials may directly impact the device, so proper protection cover is requested to be installed.

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