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Programmable sequence controller is designed for jet integrator is designed and used to control gas solenoid valve guide, the LED display panel on the controller indicates the current position of the jet and time. The time interval between the jet and jet time can be adjusted, control circuit and editing by semiconductor parts. Controller itself has two independent "on" and "closed" approach, the first is when AC power is removed and energizing, sequential control will automatically stop and return to the starting point, the other is using the sequence controller remote contact (R.C.A) as control.

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●Digital display, convenient operation and to understand the status of the operation
● Microcomputer control, the movement is more accurate
●Controlled contact to facilitate remote control
●Outage cycle cleaning function (after suction fan has stopped continue to remove dust), avoid caused by the residual dust be affected with damp be affected with damp cloth pipe blockage
●Optional waterproof and dustproof box, prolong the service life of the controller
●Programmable integrated machine controller is the use of the microprocessor is designed and used to control gas solenoid valve guide, two groups of seven segment digital display controller, a set of cloth used to indicate the next pipe cleaning action position, another set of instructions to spare much time to clear a set of cloth duct.
●Jet time and the jet interval, control guide gas solenoid valve points can be adjusted, and has the outage continue to cycle after the number of bags, and other functions.
Users can set from the panel button operation, application range, easy to operate.


Electrical source AC 110/220V±20%  50Hz/60Hz.
Jet time interval can be adjusted 1 ~ 999 seconds.
Jet time adjustable bearing 0 milliseconds ~ 9.99 seconds
Insurance risk silk 3A
Order step count 1 ~ 10/20/40 point
Working temperature 0 ~ 70 ℃
Contact capacity 200VA.
Display digital display in both groups
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