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Address Scrambler- (HYQ-7502)

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Address encoder is the electronics microcomputer type encoding module, system of protection device of belt conveyor is switch state and PC communications equipment. Suitable for remote monitoring of long distance belt conveyor equipment, able to timely and accurate understanding of the causes of the problems and fault location.

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●Advanced microcomputer technology
●Identify each 2 devices (Can be extended for four)
●Universal property, different devices can also apply Flexible networking.
●Can be controlled normally open or normally closed points are free to choose
●External status with indicator, easy to check and repair
●Imported industrial grade control chip, stable and reliable
●Ultra low power consumption, environmental protection and energy saving
●IEC Based on the designs level of electrical protection standards, no harm to human body.
Address coding system is composed of multiple encoder connection, through the set, all the address of the encoder is the only one. To avoid occupied channel, address coding system is working without PC, and use the address encoder with space according to the coding sequence of active report status, fault code will be priority, rapid response. PC receives the data; identify the address of the encoders, working status (alarm).
Address coding system adopts RS - 485 bus communication, baud rate fixed for 9600 b/s. Bus maximum communication distance of 16000 meters, stable and reliable for appropriate control in 800 ~ 1000 meters, more than the distance should be extended use Repeaters
Type HYQ-7502
IP Grade IP65
Communication way RS-485
Junction 2 rode (Can be extended to four)
Voltage : 85~265VAC,12~30VDC       0.5A
Applicable temperature -30~+70℃
Ambient humidity 0~95%
Applicable cables Diameter 1mm2/Double cores shielded cables
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