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Sound and Light Warning Unit EC7120-801

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Sound and light warning unit can notify the people and avoid the dangers. It can be used in noisy circumstances, manufactory workshop, ports, quarry etc., as well as fire or other disaster warning.

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There are 2 mounting options:Pillar mounting or wall mounting
In Case of pillar mounting, there is Ø50mm punched shape of hole on the bottom, break the hole and insert the pillar. Fasten the pillar by tightening nuts.
In case of wall mounting, there are 4 brackets alone with the unit. Fix the brackets with thein the back of cover and then, mount it on the wall by means of expansion anchoring bolts.
Mode EC7120-801
Power Supply 220V AC  50/60Hz
Power Input 7.5W
Sound Volume 105~110 dB ( measured at 1m away )
Continues working time 1 hour
Temp Rising <65K
Weight 2.9kg
Ambience Temp. -20℃~+60℃
Ambience Humidity. <95%
Operation Frequency 10~25Hz, Vibration<2mm, 0.5 hour
Main fabrication material Flame Retardance AAS
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