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Diaphragm Switch NK-1052

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A Diaphragm Switch provides point level indication by detecting pressure applied by the bulk material to the sensing diaphragm. The unit is installed to a vessel wall so that the diaphragm is exposed to the material to be sensed. As material contacts the diaphragm, a force is exerted through the diaphragm to a pressure plate within the bin monitor. Physical deflection of the pressure plate activates an internal switch. When material recedes from the diaphragm, a light duty spring returns the pressure plate and internal switch back to their original positions.

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Diaphragm Switch NK-1052                                                                                                                   
►Grain hopper/silo
►Wood pellet hopper/silo
►Grain drier
►Feed bin
►Diaphragm Switch, also called Membrane Level Switch, NK-1052 is a bulk material level control for use with free flowing medium and heavy bulk materials which will exert a minimum diaphragm actuating force of 20N. This unit is designed primarily for exterior side of bin mounting.
Type NK-1052
IP Code IP65
Sensitivity Adjustment 5mm
Capacity of Contacts 110V AC; 220V AC; 24V AC; 24V DC
Shell Material Aluminium Alloy
Membrane Material SUS304
Pressure 20-50N
Working Temp. -30~150°C
Cable Size M25x1.5
N.W. 2kgs

1. Insert the gasket between the bin wall and the flange of the Diaphragm Switch and with the conduit facing down, fasten to thebin wall with bolts or cap screws.
2. Connect conduit and make wiring connections at switch terminals.
3. Screw cover to housing securely to prevent damage from dust or moisture.
4. Check switch operation by manually depressing diaphragm and releasing. The switch should now respond to the application and relase of one pound of pressure over the diaphragm.
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