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Determine the number and installation the indicator method

The proportion is very small, like foam, plastic materials, can be used to increase leaf method to increase leaf resistance measurement accuracy. For the proportion of such as ore, food and other materials, and vice General material such as cement, feed and other powder material, USES the standard blade According to the size of silo, generally 2-3. Need to top mounted a, installed at the bottom one. If there is a need to know the existing material level position can be set in the bin. FT resistance means of succeeded only because the indicator is divided into screw to install two ways and flange installation. According to the measuring position installed into top mounted, side and bottom

According to the condition of material, so the proportion of lighter powder materials, L long below 500 cannot add protection tube. The proportion of large granular materials according to the facts, it is suggested that L long more than 200 plus protection tube. Note: the resistance when use not protecting tube and the indicator when mounted horizontally, the triangle should be installed above the shafts, to prevent the materials directly impact on the shafts

Resistance of spiral type material level switch installed in the inlet below should be avoided, and to avoid too close to the inlet. This can reduce the material impact leaf damage and the disoperation. When such as inevitable, install a triangle protection board above 200mm the switch. Fisher resistance rotating motor the indicator has four different class, users can adjust at any time. When big material proportion, spring torque can be transferred to strong position, while the switch poor sensitivity Material density is small, can pull the spring to the weak or the weakest position, while the switch had better sensitivity.

Phisher company imported oil seal will not appear this kind of phenomenon, and because of the packing and shipping in the type of blade and wire the indicator is users to install, installation personnel should drip on interfaces with the product comes with anaerobic adhesive, and will clean the glue outside is set at the same time, the indicator to prevent anaerobic adhesive into the seals.

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