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Conveyor belt classification and structure

Conveyor belt is one of the main components of the belt conveyor; bear the function of transmission and traction. So you need to have high strength load and tensile ability. According to increase skeleton materials roughly divided into fabric, core, conveyor belt, steel cord conveyor belt and steel mesh conveyor belt. In addition, according to the properties, processing methods, conveyor belt shape etc.to divide various kinds of classification

Fabric core conveyor with cotton canvas, Nylon, vinylon, EP, etc. Covered with belt core, stick glue, glue and glue is a part. Belt core is key to the conveyor belt load, determines the tensile strength and modulus of the equipment, to keep the belt good groove, to achieve the transfer function can be slow to impact Can stick glue to prevent the occurrence of the phenomenon of fault belt core Cover rubber belt normal transmission capacity, protection belt core, decrease wear, etc. Steel cord conveyor belt covered with steel cable, stick glue, glue and adhesive composition. Steel cord conveyor belt, steel wire core provides a higher degree before, suitable for long distance, large power transmission requirements. Stick glue can prevent the conveyor in the process of take out the status of the cable. Edge glue in order to protect the steel wire rope from foreign erosion.

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