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Fisher Control Technology Co., Ltd., Wuhan Warranty Statement
Fisher Control Technology Co., Ltd., Wuhan warranty described in detail as follows:
>>warranty period
>>ree tech support
>>quality assurance  application procedure and necessity
>>exeception clause

Warranty Description

 Wuhan Phisher (hereinafter referred to as Phisher) ensure that all products listed below accept the rigorous quality control in the following from the raw materials procurement to he whole manufacturing process. In accordance with the following situations and limitations, such as confirmed as substandard raw materials or manufacturing process defects, Phisher will provide free repair or exchange service. Maintenance and replacement products will be in the form of exchange.

This warranty statement does not contain any produce damage for the improper installation, accidental incidents, natural disasters, abuse, misuse, inadequate voltage, excessive power supply, incorrect operation, beyond the limit of the operating environment and any unauthorized disassembly, repair or modify. This warranty statement is also not suitable for expired products.

The warranty statement only guarantee the consumer who bought the defective or damaged products can exchange and repair the products provided by Phisher. If Phisher products can not operate normally due to other corrupted devices in user’s own system, Phisher has no obligation to compensate for the damage and also bear no responsibility for quality warranty. The warranty statement does not cover the third party software, connection of related equipment, etc.

Warranty period

Phisher products enjoyed 12 months’ warranty service since the date of purchase. Users can apply for maintenance services based on product invoices, quality certificates and so on to confirm the products be within the warranty period.

Free Technical Support

If you encounter any difficulties in the installation or subsequent use, you can contact with Phisher’s technical support department before the products are brought in for repair. You can also get more relevant technical information on our website of www.phisher-ct.com, or dial 400-716-8212 (Free).

Application procedures and necessary conditions for warranty

You may bring in the products for repair to Phisher’s after-sales service department for warranty service. Surely, you should confirm the Phisher’s maintenance exchange procedure before sent with informing necessary products information, such as product model and product serial number, and as far as possible the detailed description of the problems you encountered in use.

In addition, you must also show and indicate the invoice or the sales contract to show the date of purchase and prove that the products are still in the warranty period. Please be sure to properly pack to avoid any damage of products in mail.


The foregoing is a complete product warranty provisions of Phisher company, which is instead of all other written or oral quality commitment. The application of the Phisher products out of the range defined in the current product manuals will make all warranties referring such products of Phisher company no longer in force, and also make other related responsibility of the sales of such products invalid. Phisher products are not designed, authorized or warranted to be suitable for particular fields of medical, military, aircraft, space or life support equipment or other fields that two parties have not expressly agreed.

Phisher is not liable for the use of Phisher products in such equipment or applications mentioned above. That means the customers join or use Phisher products in such unsuitable fields have to at their own risk. Furthermore, Phisher does not need to bear any legal liability of any personal injury or death and property loss for the aforementioned use of Phisher products in such unsuitable fields. In addition,  resold Phisher products or services must comply with technical specifications and parameters of Phisher in its official release of the product manual for the products, including related warnings or instructions. If it is changed or beyond the aforementioned statement range, any expressed and implied warranty of Phisher to the relevant products or services will no longer in force.

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